1. Tare Zameen Par’s immersive learning dome takes students on a learning spin with a focus on qualitative learning
than quantitative learning.
2. Group immersive learning has proved to help students free up cognitive resources that can be used to build
mental models combined with wide FOV resulting in greater attention.
3. Many of today’s leading scientists chose their careers because they were captivated by the experiences of a
planetarium visit.
4. Children being our core audience we continually look at ways to surpass the highest level of safety by providing
immersive dome experience while maintaining affordable prices.
5. 360-degree immersive experience
6. An amazing interactive session ‘flying’ through the solar system and the universe
7. At the end of the session, students can take a quiz, and Certificates will be distributed for winners!
8. The WOW factor where the students are engaged, amazed and inspired to learn inside the school planetarium