Tare Zameen Par


1. Why should you invite the TZP Planetarium to your school?

Because it is just so easy, safe and risk-free. TZP Planetarium requires just a large room and a 240v power supply to set up the entire system in your own school. No buses to arrange, no students to manage in unfamiliar surrounds, no fear of inclement weather, no personal management risk for the teachers,. The students and their teacher simply enter the dome through the special airlock, take a seat and enjoy the educational experience .

2. How many people fit in the dome?

Our dome has a recommended capacity of 40 students and 30 adults.

3. How long does it take to set up and take down?

The dome and projection system only take roughly 45 minutes to set up. Your presenter will arrive around one hour prior to the first display to ensure everything is fine, and to answer any questions before any students arrive. It will take approximately the same time to pack away.

4. How do I get in? Do I have to crawl?

No. You enter by walking through the special airlock. This airlock allows you to walk in without having to bend down and crawl in like other systems. Entry is much easier and far safer than the older type of domes.

5. Is it hot or stuffy in there?

Inside the dome air conditioner is installed. Blower pulls-out hot air.

6. Can we get out fast if we need to?


7. What areas do you travel to?

Our Planetarium regularly displays all over South-India. We also travel to areas further afield when requested, however a small increase in fees is required to cover the additional travel costs.

8. How many sessions can you do in one day?

Each session runs for approximately 45 minutes and we cram a lot of information in. We generally manage 7 sessions in a normal school day but we can do 8 if the school wishes to run through their recess and lunch periods.

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