Tare Zameen Par

Government Initiatives


Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology, and Science & Technology / Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society(KSTePS)

Planetariums are domed theaters that project the starry sky and countless spectacular objects we find in our universe, creating educational experiences that teach astronomy and other sciences. This planetarium is an effective tool for students to grasp various astronomical concepts and in creating keen interest and spark enjoyment in this interesting branch of sciences.

The very first planetarium of Karnataka, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium has established over 25 years ago in Bangalore and has been highly successful in communicating the subject to the students and the general public. However, access to such fixed planetariums is highly limited, especially for school children from rural and remote regions of the State. Hence it becomes necessary to take the mobile planetarium to rural schools to provide an opportunity for students to enjoy the beauty of the night sky right at their doorstep.

“Tare Zameen Par” has been launched on 20th December 2016 by the chief minister of Karnataka Shri Siddaramaiah at Christ University. Key members of this projects are Science minister of Karnataka Shri M R Seetharam, ITBT and S&T secretory, IAS Shrimati Manjula, Ksteps director Shri Honnegouda, Scientific officer Mr. Satya Kumar Sharma, CEO of Varnaaz Technologies Mr. Dinesh Badagandi and Director, Government alliance Mr. Prashant Chittaragi.

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