Lab on wheels is designed to be a resource to excite school students, communities, and teachers about experimental science. We are aiming to work particularly with primary and high schools but are also aiming to engage communities.

With Lab on wheels, we want to help everyone turn their hand to practical science, discover how science works and what scientists do. Using the various resources and references we can showcase the diversity of science and scientists in India. We’ll be using their stories to inspire people and communities to give science ago.

Hands-on Learning Techniques are proven to be the best pedagogy of teaching as prescribed by the international Educational Scientists. One popular saying is that “Tell me ill forget! Show me and I may remember, involve me I'll understand” according to this, child will be able to understand the things only if we allow them to do the experience on their own. So, these mobile science kits are specifically designed for kids situated in rural places who lacks the lab facilities at their school premises.