Our Mobile Planetarium Program

Presently 12 of our highly visible Digital Planetarium Mobile units travel the District and Taluka levels covering Government and Private schools throughout South India. All planetarium and science shows approved by NASA and sourced from Evans & Sutherland are curated and dubbed in Kannada offering hands-on knowledge on Astronomy and its importance in striking curiosity and generating interest among kids. The inflatable domes are equipped with a 180-degree projection and 360-degree view accompanied by an audio system.

Mobile Planetarium: A Virtual Journey to space:

Ground-breaking technology in our mobile planetarium has been inspiring and entertaining for many years. We offer the largest choice of digital planetarium (full dome) shows in entire south India and our presenter-led astronomy shows are delivered by engaging and experienced science communicators.

The dome provides a theater setting for 360 degree immersive 3D digital images with surround sound that is totally interactive. Combining animation with real-time imagery students will see close up detail on a massive scale of exactly what will be in the sky above them that night. We will take you into the farthest regions of the universe. Students and teachers can also request to see The planetarium Space experience aligns with state, CBSE and NCERT Syllabus.

Technical Overview

Our domes are equipped with 3D stereoscopic effects providing the best educational and entertaining experience which is comparatively far more superior than traditional media. Our projection equipment comes with expensive fisheye lens sourced from industry production specialists. Our domes are extremely portable with inflatable domes assembled in under 30 minutes.

Children being our core audience we continually look at ways to surpass the highest level of safety by providing immersive dome experience while maintaining affordable prices.

How we set up the planetarium?

Our portable planetarium is an inflatable dome capable of accommodating up to 45-50 children. The planetarium is installed within a mere 30 minutes in the school itself. It essentially negates unnecessary field trips to fixed Planetariums which besides being time-consuming also disturb the regular timetable of schools.

Space Requirements:

The dome theatre needs a room or hall with a clear space of 20×20 Sqft long, and a clear height of 12 feet at the very top of the dome. This is suitable for school halls only.
Because of the nature of the portable theatre, it will not be possible to set it up outside. Most school halls, libraries or gymnasiums are more than adequate to house the theatre.

Time Required to setup the planetarium:

The dome and projection system only takes roughly 30 minutes to set up. Your presenter will arrive around one hour prior to the first display to ensure everything is fine, and to answer any questions before any students arrive. It will take approximately the same time to pack away.

Key features of Tare Zameen Par Planetarium

– Constant air circulation from the blower to the spectators creates comfortable conditions
– Easy system to regulate the intensity of the air flow from the dome
– Two-layers of fabric with a density enough to completely block out external light
– Specially designed inner screen fabric provides the highest quality of projection, contrast, color accuracy and
uniformity of light
– Air conditioning for use in extreme climates optional