What is Immersive and Experiential Learning

Mobile Planetarium Spark Of Curiosity

What is Immersive learning?

Immersive learning is a teaching method that uses digital technologies to create an environment in which students are completely absorbed in the learning process. This type of learning can take many different forms, such as  Mobile Planetarium, VR, AR, or interactive multimedia.

One of the benefits of immersive learning is that it allows students to explore complex concepts in a more hands-on way. For example, if you were studying Astronomy, you could visit our universe and walk through it. or if you were studying geography, you could explore a virtual world that recreates the conditions on Mount Everest.

Tare Zameen Par Immersive learning helps students develop skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Tare Zameen Par provides unique learning experience through Digital Mobile Planetarium by engaging and entertaining students. 


Immersive learning has evolved into different forms of technology that are more commonly used in today’s classrooms. Immersive learning can happen in many ways, including Digital Mobile Planetarium, smart class room, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and interactive multimedia.

What is Experiential learning?

Experiential learning is also known as the process of learning through experience, and it is more specifically defined as “learning by doing or Hands on learning”.

As Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”, this quotes itself talks about the experiential learning.

Throughout the Tare Zameen Par’s experiential learning process, the student is actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative and constructing meaning. Examples might include: Making products or models, role-playing, giving a presentation, and problem-solving.


Tare Zameen Par experiential learning experiences help to complete students‟ preparation for their chosen careers which reinforce course content and theory. Through these experiences students develop communication skills and self-confidence and gain and strengthen decision making skills by responding to and solving real world problems and processes.

Tare Zameen Par experiential learning method help to create and maintain conductive and teaching learning environment.

Tare Zameen Par experiential learning is more Fun and Engaging. It can develop skills in a much faster way. And the conceptualized method helps students to think beyond textbooks.

Experiential learning builds their confidence and reduces their exam fear.

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