why choose us

“Tare Zameen Par” Digital Mobile Planetarium as the name suggests, ‘stars on the ground’ is an innovative new way of immersive learning which involves putting learners in an interactive learning environment to teach skills using situations and experiences that are as true to life as possible. We bring world-class astronomy and science shows to you at your school or any other educational event or institution, immersing you in a dark, cloudless night sky during the daytime. Kids and adults will experience the wonder of scientific exploration as the inflatable dome is rendered in a realistic model of the night sky in the comfort of your room. And yes, all our shows are approved by DSERT.

…All for a fraction of the cost of travelling to a fixed facility in a metro city museum or science centre.

Our present shows include the general overview of such topics as Constellations, Birth of the Sun, the Solar System, Earth/Moon/Sun, Super Volcanoes, and more.